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Why You Need Restaurant Insurance and Bar Insurance

Running a restaurant or bar opens you up to a lot of risks.  If a bartender serves one too many drinks to a patron and they get into an accident, Owners can face huge damages from lawsuits. The stakes are very high, and it can cost you your business. Alcohol retailers need to make sure you have liquor liability insurance. 

That’s where WM Schwartz can help.  We offer comprehensive restaurant insurance and tavern insurance to protect you minimize your exposure and risk.  That way instead of worrying about mishaps, you can focus on serving customers and growing the business.

Who Are Restaurant Insurance and Bar Insurance Is For

We specialize in offering insurance catered for the unique needs of owners of restaurants, bars, taverns, sports bars, pubs, banquet facilities, and catering businesses. 

Serving up the Finest in Restaurant Insurance

We cover you for liability, disasters, business interruption, theft, financial loss, accidental damage, equipment break down, food contamination, property damage, liquor liability, glass breakage, workman’s comp, and more.

Dishing up the Right Restaurant Insurance Coverage To Protect Your Business

Your restaurant or bar faces risk everyday.  Cooks can get hurt in the kitchen. Customers can get food poisoning.  Patrons can slip and fall.  And if the electricity goes out, you lose out on business for the day. 

Although you can’t predict when something wrong will happen, there are steps that you can take to protect yourself from the financial risk of a lawsuit.

Catering To Your Restaurant Insurance Needs

restaurent insurance

With over 100 years of experience, WM Schwartz is is a professional insurance broker that specializes meeting your restaurant insurance needs. Our recipe for success is offering exceptional customer service. We work closely with you to design the right insurance program to fit your business. We listen anticipate needs, work hard for you. We work with the top restaurant insurance carriers to deliver the best value in coverage available.

WM Schwartz and Company helps owners of restaurants and taverns to minimize liability risks with premium restaurant insurance and tavern insurance coverage.

Our individualized approach is extended into personalized service and quick and hassle-free handling of claims.  Our service has earned long-term relationships with our clients.

Our insurance team will review your coverage, identify gaps, and recommend additional coverage you may need. Our insurance team will put together a restaurant or tavern insurance program that provides the best protection for your business.

Reduce Your Costs and Risk Today – Get a Restaurant Insurance Quote Now

We’d love to give you the coverage you need and the service you expect.  Call us today at 847-996-0002 for a free quote on restaurant insurance or tavern insurance.  Or check out our website at

WM Schwartz looking forward to working with you to provide restaurant insurance and bar insurance to meet your business needs.

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