Lee S Schwartz-CEO2nd Generation

Lee S Schwartz-CEO

2nd Generation

Business Insurance

I’m 2nd generation in the office. I’ve been in the office since 1962 after finishing college at the University of Colorado. The office was split then, where we not only did insurance but we also sold real estate and wrote mortgages for people. I started on the real estate side when I was 22 years old and it wasn’t until a little later that my father made me realize that I needed to learn the other sides of the business.

I am in charge of the commercial insurance division. I love to write insurance and bonds for contractors in construction, habitational business which could include but isn’t limited to condo associations, etc. and restaurants. My goal is to meet with you at your place of business. I want to know what it is we’re insuring so I may do the best possible job I can for you.