Kevin W Schwartz-President3rd Generation

Kevin W Schwartz-President

3rd Generation

I’m 3rd generation. I’ve been in the family business since August, 1999.   I didn’t plan on being in the family business when growing up.  My plan was to do something that I felt would help people, something that would impact people’s lives in a very positive way, Like a fireman or paramedic for example.  After having the opportunity to work in other professions, I didn’t find what I was looking for…but I found it here.  I realized it once I was able to deliver a large check to someone that was in need after a large loss.  I found that if I could educate people on their insurance, if I can make them aware of what they have and maybe more importantly what they don’t have, that over time,  when unfortunate things arise, it would fulfill that need.

I currently help manage the office and assist all the departments with workflow coming in the door.  I really enjoy people and helping them with taxable estate issues, wealth preservation and  transfer to next generations, reducing the amount allotted to the government.  Many people don’t realize insurance products can help with wealth preservation and transfer.  It’s fascinating!

In my spare time, I like spending time with the family outside.  I like living on a lake and all that the lifestyle offers.  (being out on the boat, fishing, friendship, family, grilling out, cocktails by outdoor firepit etc.)   Don’t get me started on fishing…I can talk about that all day!