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Health Insurance
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Health Insurance

Health is undeniably a needed product for everyone…and one that never seems to have any slowdown in increasing cost. No one wants to get sick as no one wants to get into trouble being unable to afford expensive medical treatment when required. Health is as costly as valuable at all times, and especially nowadays. Along with proper diet, exercise, peace of mind and preventive care, health insurance is a wise and necessary investment into your health.

Health insurance is an agreement between you and your insurance company (a government agency or a private organization), according to which the insurer pays medical benefits that are referred to covered services in case you, as an insured person, become sick or accidentally injured. Your health insurance policy lists medical services that are covered as well as services that are not covered and which you will have to pay for.

It is important to choose the most suitable health insurance plan. Private Health Plans are usually offered at work by your employers. Medicaid is a health care plan funded by government for families and individuals with low income. Medicare is another government funded health insurance plan offered for people aged over 65. Health insurance coverage pays for routine visits to your doctor, lab tests and other not very expensive stuff; however the major reason why you should be covered by health insurance is to get protection against enormous expenses of potential illness or injury.

Dental Insurance

Dental insurance covers the costs of routine dental care along withaccidental damage to your teeth. Dental insurance normally pays for general treatment such as dentures and crowns, root canal work, bridges, as well as emergency treatment.

Cosmetic work, implants and braces are usually excluded. Dental insurance means discountson dentistry costs, selecting a dentist you trust, fast and easy approval process and other benefits that are so helpful and comforting when you are at the dentist’s.

Life Insurance

No matter whether you belong to an optimistic or pessimistic lot, life tends to answer both expectations. One of our biggest worries in life is the well-being of our loved ones. Life insurance is a guarantee that if the day comes when you can no longer care for the people you love, they will still be supported financially and taken care of.

Life insurance is a contract between you (the insurance policy owner) and the insurer, according to which the policy owner is paid a reimbursement in case the insured event occurs (i.e. the policy owner’s death). You, as the policy owner, agree to pay a fixed premium on a regular basis. Life insurance deals with such insured events as death and accidental death, excluding suicide, war and some other factors from the insurer’s liability.

Whether you are single, married, a single parent, retired, a business owner with self-supporting children, retired, or fall under some other category, life insurance applies to all situations and should be seriously considered to fit into your long-term plans and budget.

Long Term Care Insurance (LTC)

A long term care insurance policy pays some or all costs of nursing home care for qualified individuals. Premiums are based on the age of the applicant and are projected to remain stable for the life of the policy. Premium payments stop when the insured meets the qualifications for long-term care, which include medical necessity, cognitive impairment, and inability to carry out certain activities of daily living. Group LTC policies are available.

Disability Insurance

There are 2 types:

  1. Short-term disability insurance: This policy extends to not more than two years with a waiting period of zero to fourteen days.
  2. Long-term disability insurance: Based on the premium amount, this policy can extend from a few years to your entire life. However, it has a long waiting period which can last several months.

An individual disability insurance policy has two types of protection features. With a non-cancelable policy, one can renew insurance every year at the same premium and coverage benefits. The insurance company has no right to deny renewal or cancel insurance except for the nonpayment of premium. However, in a guaranteed renewable policy, the insurance company holds the right to increase your premium with increasing cost.

Making a claim for disability insurance benefits is not easy. It requires proper documentation regarding how disability occurred and how it prevents the employee from working.

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