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Best wealth transfer strategies for effective estate planning

If you have already accumulated wealth, it’s very important that you protect your money. You need to come up with plans and also put the proper wealth transfer strategies to protect all your heirs and above all make sure all your wishes are also respected. Below are few strategies that can greatly help in the transfer of wealth.

Gifting strategies for Wealth Transfer

Giving your money while you are still alive is among the easiest wealth transfer strategies. This relieves your loved ones from the estate issues after your death. It’s also a good way to provide cash to your family members.For example, IRS rules and regulations on gifting in the United States are quite generous. They allow each person a gift of up to $13, 000 each year. If married, this means you plus your spouse may give your all kids or any person you care about up to $26000 each year. At such a rate, it’s very easy for most individuals to transfer a huge part of their wealth to the people they love before they die.

Set up an account for the young children that makes wealth transfer easy

Another great way to transfer your accumulated wealth is by using some of your cash to set up an accounts for all your grandchildren. Today, the overall price of college education is rising at a very high rate; faster than even inflation. This means, you have to think of your young kid’s future. Therefore, have a college fund set up as soon as the child is born.

One account from grandpa or grandma is the perfect way to start a wealth transfer plan

The best thing about this wealth transfer strategy is that all the cash you will put away in your kid’s name will have many years to grow, therefore, putting away a bit of your money may end up as a huge nest egg when the newborn child is ready to join college.

Seek the right advice for wealth transfer that truly protects your estate

It’s very important that you have a good estate plan, this is especially if the estate is very big or even if there is family business or if a huge portion of real estate is involved. Your heirs could face a very big burden due to estate taxes. It’s therefore very important that you decrease them if possible.For you to produce an efficient estate plan, you have to get a professional to help you.

There are many specialists such as tax consultants and tax preparers who may be willing to help. However, it’s very important that you the right person for this job. Look for a trustworthy professional who is a specialist in estate and estate planning. Such an expert will be able to give you guidance on an effective way to transfer your wealth.

Always keep in mind that every family can greatly benefit from a solid wealth transfer plan; this is regardless of the bank account. Therefore, take your time, seek advice and then come up with a great plan that will benefit your loved ones when you are no longer with them.

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