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All You Need To Know About Small Business Painting Insurance

Whether it is an exterior or interior painting project, a wall paper removal or an interior redesign service, being a painter allows you to make a real difference to people’s home. However, a simple spill, a fall from a scaffold or some other unfortunate event can end up putting your business at real risk, reason why you should have a small business painting insurance policy that fully protects your business.

A painting contractor takes care of exterior and interior painting jobs, including ceiling, walls, baseboards and trims, cabinets and other surfaces in homes and offices. Other than the painting aspect, painters have a lot of other functions which include removals of switch plates, after service clean up, covering up of furniture with drop clothes and other small details that ensure the recipient of the service is fully satisfied. However, although being a painter has a number of perks, it also has its fair share of risks.

Painter Health and Safety Hazards – Why Small Business Painting Insurance is a Must

  • Exposure to toxic mold, fungi and bacteria that result in risk of infectious disease
  • Slips, trips, falls and risk of injury from falling objects
  • Working at heights and on platforms, scaffolds and ladders with risk of falling
  • Exposure to heat and ultra radiation from working outdoors
  • Exposure to paint products, solvents, lead and other toxic chemicals
  • Flammability hazards from solvents and paints
  • Risks of eye injury
  • Lifting heavy objects
  • Leukemia, lung cancer, Lymphoma, Multiple myeloma and other cancers

With such risks bordering the daily work life of a painter, it is most vital for any painting business to seek the services of a professional painting insurance company in order to protect both the business and its biggest asset, the painter.

Types of Small Business Painting Insurance

There are several types of painting insurance policies designed to offer protection from the wide range of risks that may afflict a small painting business.

  1. Painting contractors workers’ compensation

As a business owner and employer, you are responsible for your employees. The Worker’s compensation insurance covers your employees in the event that they get an injury, fall sick or die from a job-related incident. This form of insurance covers medical bills and hospital expenses necessary to diagnose and treat the injured party. It also covers disability payment, if necessary, to the injured party.

  1. Painting Contractors General Liability Insurance

This form of coverage offers protection from financial burdens that result from property damage or bodily harm that occurs during the line of work. This policy basically bundles all property and liability covers together. For example, if a paint spill occurs and ruins a client’s upholstery, the client can sue the painting business; this is where the general liability insurance comes in.

  1. Painting Contractors Commercial Auto Insurance

As part of the job, painting businesses get to move around quite frequently. Therefore, in most cases a business vehicle is used to transport materials, tools and machinery. It is for this reason that commercial auto insurance becomes essential; to ensure the business vehicle is protected against damages incurred during an accident as well theft and vandalism. This insurance also covers any bodily injuries that may result from the accident.

You have worked hard to get your painting business up and running. Or, maybe you are just starting out. Either way, you don’t want an expected event, liability or loss to downplay your efforts. Get a full understanding of the requirements of your state and ensure that you are in compliance before investing in an insurance cover. We recommend getting a professional small business painting insurance agent to help you out.

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