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Why Nurses Need RN Insurance

Nearly every professional needs professional indemnity insurance or malpractice (liability) insurance to provide the necessary legal and financial security. Many registered nurses never really consider taking any RN insurance. However, it is important to have the right information about professional liability insurance before making informed decisions. Malpractice is simply the failure to follow or adhere to strict guidelines concerning standards of care or code of conduct as required of professionals in your field or practice. A registered nurse also has a duty of care towards patients and is expected to practice reasonable care that any professional in the same field would have, particularly under the same conditions.

Why Nurses Need Professional Liability Insurance

The Professional May Be Sued for Professional Negligence
Despite the amount of care practiced by RNs, breach of duty can occur at any time. This could potentially result in injury to a patient, who in turn might consider bringing a lawsuit against the professional. No matter the level of education, training or competence of a registered nurse, unintentional mistakes are bound to happen. There have been cases where well-educated and confident nurses have committed mistakes that have been regarded as willful neglect. Injury and even death have resulted from mistakes that were seemingly harmless. Unfortunately, families of the patient or deceased often demand answers and are willing to seek legal redress if the need arises. This can prove problematic if the registered nurse does not have any RN insurance cover for such liability. Such mistakes can lead to damaged professional reputation or even a jail term. Therefore, having the right professional liability insurance can be a smart decision for any professional in medical practice, not just a doctor or physician.

Employer’s Policy Covers Up to a Given Point
Some employers discourage their employees from having individual liability insurance, but employees should understand that it is for the benefit of the employer, not employees. This is because employer’s policy is designed to suit the needs and protect the interests of the employers. It is for the same reason that the human resource departments tell their employees they do not need their own representation as the company attorney covers them all. However, unknown to the employees is the fact that these attorneys are there to represent the interests of the employers first.

Limits of Liability Insurance Provided by Employers
Your employer’s malpractice liability cover does have certain limits. Other employees are also covered by the same policy. In the event that you are sued and have to share the liability cover with other defendants who are employees of the company, the legal costs and settlement could possibly exceed the limits of the policy provided by your employer’s insurance company. This leaves you exposed.

No matter how professional, competent or careful you are as a registered nurse, you are bound to make mistakes from time to time in the event of carrying out your duties. We provide the most competitive rates depending on your needs as a professional. Our courteous staff members are always happy to answer any queries that you may have. Kindly get in touch with us so that we can facilitate your RN insurance for professional protection.

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