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Retail store insurance and Insurance for retail stores

Do you own a retail store? We specialize in offering top quality retail store insurance.

With thousands of dollars in inventory sitting on the shelves, there are so many things that put you at risk.  A customer can slip and fall in a store.  Shoplifters help themselves to your items.  A power outage or fire or sewer damage could interrupt your business and cost you thousands of dollars in potential sales.

The smartest thing to do to protect your investment is get the right retail store insurance coverage.  That way when the worst happens, you are covered.  And your store can be quick to open it’s doors and get back to business.

Who Needs Retail store insurance and Insurance for retail stores?

Whether you have a store at the mall or a small neighborhood store, we provide retail store insurance that meets your needs.

We provide retail store insurance for the following retailers:

  • clothing store
  • shoe store
  • furniture store
  • craft stores
  • convenience stores
  • card stores
  • appliance stores
  • gift shops
  • photography store
  • electronics store
  • outlet stores
  • office stores
  • department stores
  • grocery stores
  • health food stores
  • home decor stores
  • jewelry stores
  • luggage stores
  • sporting goods stores
  • toy stores
  • and more!

What does Retail store insurance and Insurance for retail stores cover?

Retail store insurance coverage includes…

  • Business property – protect your retail store building and property
  • Electronic data processing equipment
  • Peak season coverage
  • Money and securities
  • Transportation
  • Employee Dishonesty
  • Extra Expenses from business interruption
  • Sewer and Drain backup
  • Contamination of perishable goods from refrigerants
  • Brands and labels
  • Contract penalty coverage
  • Business liability
  • Theft
  • Employee dishonesty

Why Retailers Are Choosing WM Schwartz for Retail Store Insurance

For over 100 years WM Schwartz has been a leading provider of retail store insurance for retailers in every industry.  We make finding the right insurance easy.

We stand by you in your time of need and deliver unparalleled customer service.  If you have a question about your policy or need to file a claim, we are here to help. /p>

Our retail store insurance program delivers complete comprehensive protection
custom insurance programs designed to meet your specific needs.  We strive to offer you the best rates in the industry!

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