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Why Having a Specialized Insurance is the Right Option for Painting Businesses

When it comes to maintaining the aesthetics of a building, a coat of paint goes a long way. This also acts as a protective layer against damages by water, rust, insects, mold and many more. The benefits a painter confers to a building when called upon cannot be taken for granted and this is why many building owners take their time to choose the best. But what services do painters offer? Basically they will prepare the surface that needs to be painted be it on the exterior or interior of a house, apply the paint and clean up. Additional services offered could include consulting services and selling paints, thinners, oils, pigments, driers and other painting tools. But with this service also comes a need for painting insurance Lake County coverage.

Risks faced by painters and the need for painting insurance Lake County

While a painter’s job is fun and satisfying, there are several risks to which those in the occupation are exposed to. These range from physical risks to health risks with the most obvious being the risk of falls causing personal injuries and property damage. A painter needs to use a ladder and other equipment for elevation so as to reach high places that need to be painted. These however can malfunction at any time leaving one floating in mid-air. What follows is quickly stumbling to the ground thanks to unforgiving gravity. This will not just leave the painter with a sore and injured body but may also result in paint spills and damage to any property the painter falls on. Another risk faced by painters that many may not even be aware of is the health implications of breathing in volatile organic compounds released as paint dries. These may take quite a while before their implications are seen but when they do their impact on health is quite big causing cancers and other diseases.

For these risks and others, we offer a comprehensive painting insurance Lake County for all in the area. We insure you against several claims as per the insurance needs of a painting business. No matter what your specialized needs are, we provide you with an exclusive solution for all your painting insurance Lake County needs.

Types of insurance a painter business needs in Lake County

  • Commercial liability insurance- defends and pays for claims made when the painting company is found liable for property damage and bodily injury to others while at work.
  • Business liability insurance- this is more specific type of insurance that provides protection against several claims including identity theft and property.
  • Worker’s compensation insurance- this covers the individual risks each worker is exposed to while at work. It caters for employee medical bills as well as salaries while they cannot work due to injury.
  • Errors and omission coverage- pays for lawsuits when clients successfully claim negligence, shoddy work or lack of professionalism in the job.
  • Vehicle insurance- this caters for all company vehicles used to carry painting materials and painters from one place to the other.

An annual insurance checkup? – YES! Every Painting Insurance Lake County Needs It!

Once you have the painting insurance Lake County policy in place, it is not enough to just pay what you are required in time. An annual insurance checkup ensures that you understand exactly what your policy gives and be able to evaluate whether you need it or not. This way, you can notice gaps in your insurance if any and get them covered so you do not have to accept liability but rather rely on us to do so for you.

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