Insurance for Painters

What You Need to Know About Insurance For Painters

A painting insurance coverage is essential for commercial painters to protect themselves, their business and their workers. A painter can be sued for negligence on the job, accidents caused by company vehicles, etc. Proper insurance coverage is helpful for protecting the assets of painters.

Types Of Coverage Needed for Insurance for Painters

General Liability

This insurance is perfect for protecting paint contractors from property damage and bodily injury claims. General Liability Insurance covers cost of replacing or cleaning floor covering if a painter spills paint or turpentine on the carpet of a customer. If the homeowner slips and falls due to the spill, the insurance protects the painter from medical costs and bodily injury claims. General liability also protects a painter or painting contractor from false advertising and slander claims.

Commercial Vehicles

Auto insurance is essential for painters to meet the minimum coverage requirements of their states. However, the requirements for a state may vary. The painters use cars, vans, pickup trucks or other types of vehicles for business purposes. Commercial vehicles insurance provides protection to the assets of a painting contractor or a painter. They can also add workers non-owned car liability coverage to their commercial vehicles policy. This coverage pays for accidents, which are caused by workers who use the vehicles of painting contractors for work.

Business Insurance

These types of insurance policies help painters to combine coverage such as loss of income, tangible personal property, commercial real estate and general liability into one policy. If the tools of a painter such as brushes, ladders and sprayers are stolen, the business insurance policy pays to replace equipment, expenses and lost income while the painter waits for normalizing business activities. Business owner policies are also helpful to add coverage for items such as electronic data recovery and identity theft.

Workers Compensation

According to the state laws, workers’ compensation is required for small-business owners to run their business by employing workers. This insurance policy covers the job-related injuries of workers. These policies are also helpful for protecting employers from being sued by the workers for negligence. If an apprentice of a painter gets injuries during his job, the workers compensation insurance covers the medical bills, sufferings and pains of the apprentice. If the injury disables the apprentice and prevents him from painting again, this insurance will pay to the apprentice to train him for a new job.

Now, you are aware of insurance policies that are beneficial for painters and those who run small businesses. You are also aware of how these insurance policies protect you from various risks associated with your job or business. Now, it is the time to select an ideal policy that perfectly covers your needs. You must be aware of the state requirements on painters liability can vary widely from state to state. It is very hard to find the ideal policy that meets all your requirements. An insurance agent can help you to find the best insurance package, which is highly helpful for your job and business. So, find the best agent to get the right insurance for painters.

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