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In the market for Workmans Comp and employers liability insurance for your company? Search no further than WM Schwartz of Waukegan IL.

Business that don’t have the correct Illinois Workmans Comp coverage open themselves up to potential risk for liability, punitive damage, and major major legal bills if an employee is hurt or injured while working. That’s why Illinois companies need workers’ compensation insurance to protect themselves.

Businesses need to protect their workers with Illinois Workmans Comp insurance to cover any potential medical and indemnity payments for a worker who is injured in the workplace.

What Does Illinois Workmans Comp Insurance Cover?

Workmans Comp insurance compensates you for rehabilitation therapy, medical treatment, lost wages, and additional expenses incurred when an employee is injured on the job.

Why Companies Are Choosing WM Schwartz For Illinois Workmans Comp Insurance

WM Schwartz & Co represents the interests of our Illinois based clients with affordable Workmans Comp insurance from top-quality carriers. We have numerous Workmans Comp insurance and general liability carriers to help your business. As an independent insurance broker, we are determined to provide the best rates for Illinois Workmans Comp insurance protection for employers. With a wide variety of plans, you can be ensured to get the best solution meets your specific needs.

Get the top Workmans Comp insurance coverage for sickness or job related injuries incurred by workers on the job. It provides coverage for both full time, and part time employees. By securing the right coverage you can protect your business from a civil suit should someone get injured on the job and avoid potential fines.

We can protect Illinois employers in the case of a negligence in a a work-related injury that is not covered by the Workmans Comp system.

Additionally, your company may realize the added advantage of coverage for defense costs in lawsuits brought against your business because of an employee injury.

Our Illinois Workmans Comp Insurance provides quick and easy payment for medical services and compensation for both temporary and permanent disability.

We are known for providing fast, fair, and professional claims service. We guarantee that your Illinois Workmans Comp claims will be settled quickly and fairly.

Answering Frequently Asked Questions About Illinois Workmans Comp Insurance

Customers can receive information and answers about Illinois Workmans Comp insurance. As an Illinois based independent insurance broker we can help you answer Illinois Workmans Comp insurance questions such as:

  • What kind of workmans comp coverage do I need?
  • What is the cost of workmans comp insurance?
  • Who is covered by Workmans Comp insurance?
  • How do I insure and protect my employees abroad

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