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Companies without proper Illinois Workers Compensation coverage leave themselves at risk for personal and corporate liability, punitive damage, and major legal bills if a worker gets injured on the job and you don’t own proper coverage. That’s why workers’ compensation is mandated in the state of Illinois.

It makes it necessary that that employers act to protect their employees by providing workers compensation insurance to cover medical and indemnity payments for employees injured in the place of work.

WM Schwartz, A Trusted Provider For Illinois Workers Compensation Insurance

WM Schwartz represents the interests of our Illinois clients with affordable workers compensation insurance from quality carriers. We have numerous workers compensation insurance and general liability carriers to help your business. As an independent insurance agency, we are determined to offering competitive rates for solutions that provide complete protection for employers. There are a number of plans available so you can decide the plan the best meets your needs.

We offer you top rated workers compensation insurance that offers coverage for disease or injuries sustained during employment. It covers both full time, and part time employees. By maintaining coverage you can protect your workplace from a civil suit should someone get injured on the job and avoid fines.

Not every single employer needs workers compensation insurance. In certain states companies with less than three to five employees may not be required to carry workers compensation insurance. We can help determine if your company needs Illinois Workers Compensation coverage for your company.

We also provide employers liability insurance that protects employers in the event that your company negligently causes a work-related employee injury that is not covered by the workers compensation system.

Your business gets the added advantage of coverage for defense costs in suits brought against you as a consequence of employee injury.

Our Illinois Workers Compensation Insurance provides prompt payment for medical services and compensation for temporary or permanent disability.

We offer a long-standing reputation for providing fast, fair, and courteous claims service. We ensure that your Illinois Workers Compensation claim will be settled quickly and fairly.

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We can answer any questions and provide you with information about workers compensation insurance. As an independent insurance broker we can help you answer workers compensation insurance questions such as:

  • What kind of workmans comp coverage do I need?
  • What is the cost of workmans comp insurance?
  • Who is covered by workers compensation insurance?
  • How do I insure and protect my employees abroad

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illinois workers compensation insurance

WM Schwartz has been a trusted Illinois Workers Compensation Insurance carrier for over 100 years. We offer workmans comp solutions that take the guesswork out of your insurance plan. Our experts will craft an insurance program that meets your specific needs. Depend on us for prompt, courteous handling of your claims. For a competitive quote on Illinois Workers Compensation Insurance, please get it touch with us for a free quote at 847-996-0002.

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