Distributors Insurance

What is Distributors Insurance?

Distributors insurance offers a wide array of coverage terms and extensions of coverage designed to fill gaps left by standard insurance programs.

Who Needs Distributors Insurance?

WM Schwartz offers distributors insurance for durable and non-durable goods distributors.

Durable Goods including: motor vehicle supplies, tires & tubes, furniture, home furnishings, roofing, siding, insulation, construction materials, photographic equipment, office equipment, computers, software, commercial equipment, medical equipment, ophthalmic goods, professional equipment, metal service products, electrical apparatus, electrical equipment, hardware, plumbing, heating, refrigeration, construction & farm machinery, industrial supplies, transportation equipment and more.

Non-Durable Goods Including: printing and writing paper, stationary & office supplies, industrial & personal service paper, cosmetics, perfumes, textiles, notions, clothing, footwear, food and groceries, packaged frozen goods, poultry, fish, meat, produce, beverages, groceries, plastics, petroleum, beer, liquor, wine, paints, books, periodicals.

Why do you need Distributor Insurance?

Property protection coverage the distributors building, inventory, computers, and loss of business income.

General Liability protection provides legal protection against claims that arise from distributors business activities including premise operations, products liability, fire legal liability, to a landlord if a distributor leases of rents.

Auto/Truck Fleet Protection provides comprehensive protection that permits uninterrupted delivery of product and income flow.

Umbrella Liability Protection provides distributors insurance coverage with excess protection above primary general liability limits.

Workers Compensation is available to provide a broad foundation to protect a distributors business, it’s operations, and it’s continuing profitability.

Why choose us for Distributor Insurance

WM Schwartz delivers one of the number one available programs for durable and non-durable goods distributors insurance. Their knowledgeable, friendly staff can answer your questions and get you a policy that offers the best protection at the best possible price.

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