Cyber Liability

Is your business facing potential risk from cyber liability? Cyber Liability insurance protects you!

Through the course of doing business online your business is subject to a number of potential risks. If your business has networks, web sites or databases accessible online there’s no guarantee that your security is 100% safe. Cyber crime is getting more sophisticated. That’s why cyber liability insurance is becoming a critical part of your business protection plan. Doing ecommerce opens up a Pandora’s box of possible risk. The cost of a potential lawsuit could be devastating and put your company out of business. Cyber liability insurance provides the critical protection you need to maximize your protection.

What is Cyber Liability Insurance?

Cyber insurance provides you protection against lawsuits from customers and vendors and protects your business on a number of levels including:

  • Accidental disclosure of customer’s private information such as address, date of birth, medical records or social security numbers
  • Misuse of intellectual property
  • Data security issues such as hackers breaking into the web server and stealing customer’s credit card information
  • Infecting a customer’s system with a virus or malware
  • Infringement of copyrighted material
  • Claims of defamation of character
  • Financial loss due to lost orders caused by a website being down
  • Data loss such as a computer break down that corrupts a client file
  • The cost of recuperating from website damage and repairs needed after a cyber attack
  • An employee stealing the financial records of customers to sell for profit to high tech thieves
  • A hacker defacing your website
  • Your laptop being stolen
  • Customer refunds demanded due to loss of a web based service your company provides

Who Needs Cyber Insurance?

If you have a website, do business online or provide online access to information it’s critical that you get proper cyber liability insurance coverage. Types of businesses that are at risk to cyber liability issues are online publishing firms, consultants, service based organizations, network management companies, software developers, retail stores, physicians, attorney practices, technology firms, IT providers, non profits, professional organizations, or online communities.

Why You Need a Cyber Insurance Policy

If you haven’t checked your business insurance policy you probably have a gap that doesn’t cover you in the case of cyber liability.

Get Cyber Insurance Perfectly Tailored to Your Business Needs

Whether you are a major corporation, a medium to small business, or a home based entrepreneur, WM Schwartz can create a cyber insurance policy that reduces your risk and liability. Our cyber insurance policies provide needed protection in the case your company faces security and privacy breeches.

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