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Hands Down, WM Schwartz provides the best Crime Insurance Coverage for your business.

What is Crime Insurance?

If you think crime is just worrying about  office theft by a few of your employees taking home some pens or paper clips, think again.  Crime, and particularly employee crime is on the rise.

If you are worried about losing money, inventory, or facing damage as the result of a crime, your business needs crime insurance coverage.

Crime insurance, otherwise known as fidelity insurance, is a commercial business insurance policy that protects you against damage from criminals.

Why Do You Need Crime Insurance?

What many business owners don’t know, is most property insurance policies don’t offer adequate protection in the face of a crime.  Getting additional fidelity insurance helps minimize risk in the case your business is victimized.

How Does Crime Insurance and Crime Insurance Coverage Protect You?

When criminals see opportunity and weakness, they will act.  Fidelity insurance, or crime insurance protects you from a number of incidents including a break in,  embezzlement, shoplifting, robbery, money taken from the safe, computer fraud, credit card fraud, forgery, counterfeiting, and dishonesty.  Not only can it cover you from outside crime, but it also protects you from crimes involving employee theft and dishonesty.

A Few Facts About Crime Insurance – There’s a Big Need for Crime Insurance Coverage

According to the protected 2008 U.S. Gross Domestic Product over 994 billions dollars was lost due to employee theft.  And it’s not limited to by social status.  37.1% of total frauds are committed by a manager.  29% of employees admit they have had their ideas stolen at work.  ! out of every 30 retail employees is arrested for workplace theft.

Offering Complete Crime Insurance Coverage That Fully Protects You

For over 100 years WM Schwartz has been offering the highest level of fidelity insurance and crime insurance coverage.  We want to cover you so that when crime hits, it doesn’t take your business down.  Our crime insurance policy covers your business so you can sleep better at night knowing we have you covered.

Let One of Our Crime Insurance Specialists Provide A Quote for Your Business

We take time to know our customers businesses and help design custom coverage that fully protects you.  You get the best price for maximum crime insurance needed.  We offer 24/7 claims service with round the clock protection.

Call Kevin Schwartz or Lee Schwartz today for a FREE QUOTE on your crime insurance or fideltity insurance at 847-996-0002.  Or visit us online at to get the business coverage you need for crime insurance protection.

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