Condo Association Insurance

Learn about what condo association insurance is and the key types of coverage you need.

What is Condo Association Insurance

It’s a master policy that provides coverage for all the building and common elements under a single condo association insurance package policy.

Who Needs Condo Association Insurance

If you are a condo association owner, a property manager, or a condo association board member you need to review your current condo association insurance to ensure you have the coverage you need at the best rates possible.

Examples of Condo Association Insurance Claims

  • A fire has destroyed a condo building and you need to rebuild the from the ground up
  • Your crew men accidentally drops the master keys into the property pond and they can’t be recovered
  • A major storm hits that causes the sewers to back up and ruins the carpeting in one of your condo buildings
  • A condo association worker gets cut on broken glass in the trash area
  • A resident’s child is injured on the condo playground equipment and sues

Why You Need Condo Association Insurance

As a property manager or board member your condo residents look to you to be responsible and provide the protection they need. Condo Association Insurance protects your assets and minimizes risks.

Types of Condo Association Insurance Coverage Available:

  • general liability
  • directors and officers liability
  • employee dishonesty
  • commercial umbrella
  • building replacement
  • building ordinance
  • specified property
  • debris removal
  • lost business income
  • lost association fees
  • fidelity bond
  • master key protection
  • sewer drain back up
  • workers compensation
  • fire and hazard
  • windstorm coverage

Trust the WM Schwartz, The Condo Insurance Specialists

Our insurance company specializes in working with condo associations. We have extensive knowledge and understand the unique needs of your industry.

Since we represent multiple insurance carriers we can get you the right coverage at unbeatable rates. This gives us incredible flexibility to create a customized policy that meets your specific condo association needs.

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