Commercial Painting Insurance

Why the Need for Commercial Painting Insurance?

You may wonder why your business needs commercial painting insurance.  Consider that a painter can be sued for multiple of reasons. For example, a consumer can file a lawsuit against a painter if he finds him and his associates are inattentive on the job. Painters can be sued for the accidents caused the vehicles of the company as well. In these conditions, a proper insurance coverage can guard painter’s resources by paying legal fees and medical bills.

Commercial painting insurance can protect a painting business from things such as paint spills, falls and any injury and property damages that can be caused by the negligence of the painting services. If a painter does not have a proper insurance then you will find it difficult to deal with all these kind of situations.

Who can purchase commercial painting insurance?

A painter is not liable for the painting insurance only. A number of the other businesses can take advantages of the painting insurances. The names of the some businesses are given below.

  • Construction companies
  • Painting contractors
  • Builders
  • Renovators
  • Remodelers
  • Developers
  • General contractors
  • Housing Contractors
  • Handymen

All the above-mentioned businesses can apply for painting insurance. And any another business that is related to painting is eligible for painting insurance. The laws that cover painting insurance are not same for every state, so do a research before taking one and make sure that you have enough liability insurance to protect for any physical and material loss.

Types of the commercial painting insurance

There are different types of painting insurances such as General liability, Business Insurance, Commercial vehicles and Workers compensation insurance. The details of all these insurances are given below.

General liability insurance

General liability insurance is the one that protect the painters from any physical harm and property damage. For example, if a painter damages the carpet of the house during the painting service then this insurance will cover the cost the cleaning or replacement. If a family member and the homeowner himself will be injured by the negligence of the painting service, then the general liability insurance will cover the medical cost.

Business Insurance

Business owner insurance policies offer combined coverage such as commercial real estate, general liability, substantial personal property and any loss of the profits into one policy. For example, if a painters painting tools such as sprayers and ladders, and brushes are stolen then this insurance policy can replace the equipment and it also pays for the loss of the income that the painter awaits to normalize his business. This insurance also covers for any kind of theft and electronic data improvement.

Commercial Vehicle Insurance

Commercial vehicle insurance covers the medical and other expenses of the accidents that are made by the vehicles of the painting services. There are different types of commercial vehicle insurances and you need to choose the one that suits your purpose most.

Workers Compensation Insurance

This insurance covers job-related injuries and also property damage. It also offers coverage to train the painter for a new profession if he get injured during the painting and cannot continue his work for the injury that is caused by that accident.

Hope this gives you an idea on the types of Commercial Painting Insurance businesses need.

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