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What is bar insurance?

If you own a bar, pub, tavern or establishment that sells alcohol, it’s critical to have bar insurance to minimize your risk. We live in a litigious society. Every time you serve a customer a drink you open yourself up to a potential lawsuit. Anything could happen. But if you have the right insurance for a bar, you can rest easy at night knowing your business is protected from damages.

Why do you need bar insurance

Unruly crowds: When alcohol is served, people tend to lose their inhibitions. It can bring good times or it can also bring out the worst in people. Insults may fly, a punch is thrown, and before you know it a fight has broken out. If a bar patron is involved in an assault and battery in your establishment, you could be looking at a court case.

Complaints against personnel: Sometimes bouncers can be the target of a lawsuit. A customer can complain that the bouncer was rough or discriminated against them. Maybe they will say the bouncer used unnecessary force in handling a situation. Bar insurance can protect you from lawsuits against misconduct of your employees.

Complaints against the facility: Bar insurance can protect you against claims from patrons. What if a guest claims they got food poisoning after eating at your pub? What if a tavern customer files a lawsuit if they feel that there is not adequate handicap parking or a handicap restroom.

Accidents: If someone spills a drink on the dance floor and a client falls and gets injured, they may sue.

Serving Drunk Patrons: What if your bartender misjudges and serves one drink too many to a drunk customer. Without bar insurance, you leave your business open to risk.

Disgruntled Employees: On the business side bar insurance can protect you from being sued by your employees for sexual harassment, wrongful termination, wages, overtime pay or discrimination by current or former employees.

Types of Bar Insurance

Your bar will need several types of bar insurance to have complete protection including property insurance, workers compensation, liquor liability, and loss of use insurance. By designing a policy that covers all bases, you reduce your risk exposure.

Why Choose WM Schwartz for your Bar Insurance Needs

For over 100 years WM Schwartz has been providing comprehensive bar insurance for businesses like yours. We are a licensed insurer providing quality insurance for bars, taverns, and pubs. They understand the unique risks your business faces and can help design a custom policy with coverage that provides the business protection you need.

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