Painting Insurance Illinois

| June 03, 2015

Advice for Painters – Why to Strongly Consider Painting Insurance Illinois Protection

You may be wondering how can a painting insurance Illinois policy help you? Painting businesses are great with precision by incorporating their expertise when it comes to sprucing up an interior or exterior with a new paint job. Not only do you have to do a professional job, but safety during the job is important too. Sometimes a project requires you to remove old coatings of a surface and make sure that the new coat takes properly. It may seem simple, but a painting company’s job in Illinois or anywhere else entails a lot more then just swishing on a bit of paint.  There is skill, technique, and planning involved.

What this Insurance for Painting Professionals is All About?

Whether you are a solo entrepreneur or a bigger painting company, there are many hazards that come with the job.  Here are some of the risks that painters face.

Often Illinois painters work on ladders, platforms, and scaffolding.  Working at heights always brings a risk of falling on the job.  Sometimes a painter has to lean awkwardly or stretch to paint a surface in a confined space or difficult angle.

Painting insurance can also protect you from the exposure to the chemicals in paints, solvents, and other toxic substances used.  Plus, a painter may inadvertently be exposed to mold, fungus, or even bird/rodent droppings that may cause illness.  Being aware of these hazards and having good ventilation is important.

There is always the potential for eye injury or getting hurt if a ceiling fan or other object falls on them during the painting project. Finally, working close to electrical lines can be a source of injury as well.

Why is Insurance Review Important for Painting Contractors in Illinois?

The bottomline and importance of getting an insurance review of your policies is on ensuring that you are still using the perfect fitting standards for your business operations. At the onset of the operation, an owner and a broker would not be able to 100% predict the scenarios that may happen, hence, policies may not be as holistic as it should be. However, with an insurance review with a professional painting insurance Illinois, a painting business owner would be able to get a grasp of the big picture and make sure that everything is fitting as possible. This involves management procedures up to equipment assessment, cash flow and employee performance review.

All of these advantages can be achieved if you get to work with a professional insurance broker specializing in crafting the right policies for a painting business in Illinois. With the right insurance broker, you would be able to picture your whole operations objectively and have the right strategies to address specific concerns that may affect your overall operations.

In addition to looking out for their own safety, a painter needs to protect themselves from lawsuits by clients.  This may include the client tripping/falling on equipment or alleged damage to the clients property. Even if your business had nothing to do with these claims, the cost of legal fees, hiring an expert witness, judgments, and settlements could be devastating financially. That’s why having painting insurance Illinois is critical for every painter – big or small.

A business insurance agent can help you find the right protection that brings you peace of mind and the protection you need.  They can review your coverage and recommend additional coverage to ensure complete protection from risk.

A painting insurance Illinois policy will have a combination of these types of coverage: general liability insurance, property insurance, business owners policy, cyber liability insurance, workers compensation insurance, umbrella insurance, and commercial auto insurance.

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