Liability Insurance for Landscapers

| July 07, 2015

Even though landscaping seeks to beautify gardens, lawns or the surrounding locality, not everything may go as planned. As a landscaper, you might find yourself facing unexpected challenges that could lead to unexpected lawsuits and expenses ones that liability insurance for landscapers could protect you from. Some of the challenges a landscaper might face include;

  • Hitting a gas line or drainage pipe while excavating during landscaping
  • Your tools and materials injuring people who are not part of your workforce
  • Accidental damage to your client’s property
  • Attractive nuisance which means that you are liable for any injuries to children who trespass to your site and get hurt as a result of your work

In the event such things happen, you will likely face legal claims for compensation. Depending on the type of damage or injury, you may be forced to pay compensation claims that may run into the millions. No matter how much financially stable your landscape company is, paying huge claims will negatively impact your business and can eventually cripple it. This will never be the case if you have liability insurance for landscapers.

Liability Insurance for Landscapers Provides Protection and Peace of Mind

Landscape liability insurance is important to any landscape professional as it protects them against third party damage or injury claims. Not only will the insurance cover settle all legal and compensation costs, but will also cover medical bills incurred when treating the injury.

Having liability insurance for landscapers is advantageous as most clients especially larger corporate accounts want to see evidence of liability insurance before contracting you for the landscaping job.

Credibility Gained with Proper Liability Insurance for Landscapers Means Bigger Contracts

With a landscaping liability cover, your landscaper company will be seen as being credible and professional. In addition, your staff will feel protected as they know that injury or damage to third parties while undertaking their tasks will be covered by the liability insurance.

Even if your landscaping business is just starting out, it is advisable to get a landscape liability cover that you can pay in installments if you cannot afford a single monthly payment.

Get Best Rates on Liability Insurance for Landscapers for A Rated Insurance Policies

With several liability insurance brokers available, it is important to select a liability insurance company which has a policy that will effectively suit your landscaping needs. Some of the factors you need to take into consideration when selecting the best liability insurance company include customer support, services offered, reputation & credibility of the insurance company and maximum liability cover your policy will give you.

The best way to determine the credibility of a liability insurance company is to read their online reviews and customer feedback. Only go for an insurance company which has positive reviews as this shows customers trust them.

As you will be busy running your landscaping business, it might be a daunting task identifying the best liability insurance company as you will need to analyze each of them. Moreover, some insurance companies have undisclosed legal terms that you can fail to understand.

The best way to ensure you get the best liability insurance policy is to talk to a liability broker who will explain to you in detail the different policies, inform you of any legal implications and help you select the best liability insurance for landscapers policy.

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