Landscapers Insurance Companies and the Real Risk for Landscaping Businesses

| July 07, 2015

Risks That Landscapers Face and How Landscapers Insurance Can Help

A gardening or landscaping business requires massive investment in terms of tools and equipment and this investment need to be protected by purchasing and maintaining types of insurance cover that can compensate the finances of your business in case of General Property’ claims. Theft and fire damage to your expensive equipment may attract unnecessary cost, and this may disrupt normal business operations.

Landscapers insurance companies can help you replace your equipment quickly to enable your business run smoothly. Uninterrupted business operations also mean that your business can cover employee costs, loan repayments, and other expenses in the event of theft or fire outbreak. In addition, small business insurance can keep operations running until you get your business back on its feet.

Ideally, small business insurances provide protection for injury to others or third-party property damage in the course of delivering your normal services. Without public liability cover, your business may not be in a position to afford the expenses incurred, resulting in significant financial problems. Public liability cover can literally offer financial compensation to third parties for injury, and even death. Product liability also offers protection against damage to property for which the business can be held liable. You may also add Personal Accident cover to your insurance cover for yourself and select employees to protect against partial loss of income because of suffering an injury. Taking out the right level of landscapers insurance cover is important in the industry to avoid the severe, unforeseen financial consequences. An annual review of coverage is also important to enable you to identify coverage gaps.

Landscapers Insurance Companies Offer A Variety of Coverage to Fully Protect You

As landscape professionals, you deliver special service to customers, which you are not without business risk. Landscapers insurance companies understand the risks involved and will customize coverage for landscape professionals to suit their specific business needs.

General Liability Insurance involves:

Bodily Injury : When a customer accidentally trips over your landscaping tools while you’re in their yard doing your job, making you legally liable for their injury. The insurance covers the subsequent claim, including related medical expenses up to the limits of liability.

Personal Injury: When one of your employees talks ill of a client to your customer in an unflattering and false manner and the client comes to learn about it and sues for slander, you are liable and you may need an attorney to defend you.

Property Damage: An employee of yours may break a customer’s windows while at work, rendering you liable.
All these are risks that your business may face and you need to protect yourself against such liabilities. As the owner of a landscaping business, your work involves moving around to work in public parks, private homes, and even corporate exteriors. And while your clients rely on your services to create an inviting and conducive environment, serving your esteemed clients come with certain risks, especially when you have to work on their property with employees who may cause accidental property damage or equipment that may cause third-party injuries.

Landscapers insurance companies will provide you with appropriate insurance cover to protect your business against these liability risks.

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