Is Private Flood Insurance Good for You?

| October 14, 2017

Wondering if private flood insurance is right for your home?

If you want to get protection from a potential flood, you can get what you need. The federal government will help you out but the private sector provides private flood insurance that can also aid you now. We will talk about the differences between these two programs that can give you the protection you have been seeking for a long time today.

What is flood insurance?

This type of insurance covers the cost of damage up to $100,000 in the event that you have experienced a flood and your property is damaged. Your homeowners insurance provider will not cover flood that comes from rivers, lakes, and other bodies of water. They might cover damages coming from rains. You might also get protection for the whole home which might give you up to $250,000. The NFIP is a federally regulated program covering the damage coming from a flood.

How private flood insurance works?

Private flood insurance works like any other type of insurance out there. But you are better off reading the fine print in the policy so you can avoid problems in the future. Ask your insurance provider about private food insurance and how this compares to the program offered by the federal government. Typtap offers private flood insurance if you want to. Florida has around 3,000 owners of private flood insurance. You have also to understand that private flood insurance just covers a small portion of the market. You can also get a private flood insurance from the Private Insurance Agency if you want to

How does private flood insurance differ from FEMA?

FEMA is the agency that has to manage the NFIP for America. They are like a subsidy to people who otherwise cannot afford to pay for a private flood insurance. They are very important players in the insurance industry helping people with weak financial statements. Private flood insurance might be good for you if you need to get coverage for other areas of your property. Private flood insurance is also awesome if you need to protect your business income. But the NFIP might also offer more coverage than its private counterpart in some aspects. So you might also get protection for the structure of a building.

What does flood insurance cover?

You will get coverage for the essential systems of your home. This includes electrical and plumbing systems. Appliances will also get coverage. Your air conditioner will also get the coverage you need. Carpeting and anything related to the windows should be included in these policies. You will also get coverage for your paneling. Your foundation walls will be protected too. Your cabinets will also get the protection they deserve. You will also get protection for your personal property along with a percentage of your garage these days as well

We have covered a lot of ground here including an extensive definition of what a flood insurance is. You have now more information on public and private flood insurance coverage to understand the differences between these two types of policies that will allow you to solve your problems. Find out more by getting a quote today from WM Schwartz.

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