Insurance for Plumbers

| August 05, 2015

Insurance for Plumbers – What Protection Plumbing Firms Need

Plumbers need insurance in their line of work. This is because a myriad of things can go wrong as they perform their duties. As such, they need a safety net mechanism to cover them in case these things do go wrong. Moreover, they are required to show proof of insurance in many of the jobs that they perform. Read on to learn the types of&nbspinsurance for plumbers and why they need them.

Below Are Coverages Available as Insurance for Plumbers

General liability insurance – This is the fundamental type of insurance that a plumber needs. Also known simply as GL, this type of insurance protects the plumber from lawsuits and financial losses too. The GL insurance ensures that the plumbers are protected from costly accidents or damages that may happen while on the job. In some cases, the GL is combined with other insurance covers such as a Business Owners Policy (BOP). A General Liability (GL) insurance policy protects a plumber from various challenges. One of these is injury to the body. The insurance covers the medical costs of treatment for physical injury suffered at the site of business by the plumber or by the client. The GL insurance also covers for any damage to the reputation of the plumber as a result of slander or libel. This insurance policy also covers any damages that a plumber may incur as a result of mistakes made by a hired contract on a client’s premises.

Workers’ compensation insurance – This is a type of insurance that protects the well-being of any employees that a plumber may have. This insurance policy covers the medical bills for a worker who gets injured while on the job. It also covers their medical costs in case they get ill as a result of performing their job. This type of insurance is very important. This is because it ensures that the employees of a plumber are well taken care of as they work.

Property insurance – This is an insurance policy that a plumber can use to cover their premises. This insurance cover protects the building, business equipment and furniture that are in the plumber’s place of business. This insurance cover protects the phones, cabinets, computers, equipment and other items that are housed in the business premises of the plumber. If they get damaged or lost, the insurance cover can foot the costs of repair or replacement.

Vehicle insurance – Plumbers often use vehicles to get themselves, their employees and equipment to the premises of the client or work site. These vehicles also need to be insured. Thus, if they break down, get damaged or lost in the line of work, they can be repaired or replaced at the cost of the insurance company. The motor vehicle insurance is specific to the types of vehicles that the plumber may use. As such, there is separate insurance for trucks, box trucks, commercial vans and business automobiles. Plumbers are encouraged to have insurance cover for their vehicles. Plumbers should engage in an insurance review annually to review their insurance for plumbers coverage for gaps. This is so that they can discuss with their insurance agents and see if they are fully and properly insured.

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