Funeral Home Insurance Program

| November 22, 2015

Funeral Home Insurance Program – What You Need to Know

If you are a funeral home director in Chicago then you probably know that your business needs a specialized funeral home insurance program that will keep you protected from possible legal action or the damage of your property. Not only do you have to consider the safety of your business’s property – like chairs and coffins – but you also need to have in mind the implications of an accident happening to the deceased’s body or to one of his family members while they are having the viewing service inside of your mortuary. Some examples of situations that happen in funerary homes include damaged coffins, car accidents, and even business interruptions if you are forced to closed down your business for an extended period of time for a fire or a storm.

How a Funeral Home Insurance Program Is Unique

Insurance companies offer different services for your funeral home insurance program, including equipment breakdown coverage that pays for repairs in you building’s heat conditioner, electrical system, and phones among others; business property coverage that protects all of your physical inventory, including your funeral home and movable property within it; general liability coverage that keeps you safe from a possible legal action against you if somebody is injured while they are inside of your facilities and founds you liable for it; and business interruption coverage that replaces the incomes you lost if you had to close your business for an extended period of time due to an unexpected setback.

Coverage A Funeral Home Insurance Program Provides

In addition to these, other types of coverage exist to protect you from accidents or damages happening to your vehicles, like vans and hearses; protect you from lawsuits from former or current employees; professional liability coverage, which is an “errors and omissions” insurance that protects you from mistakes you make at work; and even electronic data coverage that will reimburse you for data recovery and will give you the service of credit monitoring in case that your electronic data – records, electronic payments, etc. – has been compromised or stolen.

A Tailored Funeral Home Insurance Program That Meets Your Specific Needs

As you’ve seen these are specialized services that are not covered in your average commercial insurance policies, usually tailored for shopping stores that have needs very different from those of funerary homes. But signing up the papers with an insurance company for a funeral home insurance program isn’t the end all solution to your problems. Your insurance policy has to reflect the reality of your business, that’s why you need annual insurance reviews to make sure that your insurance is updated to your needs and to make sure that the improvements that you make to your funeral home are covered by your insurance.

Why to Get a Funeral Home Insurance Program Quote with an Insurance Broker

But before you run to the nearest company and ask for their funeral home insurance program plans you might want to consider hiring an insurance broker first. Brokers are insurance professionals that work independently to help their customers to find the best option for their needs. Basically they work as your own agents and represent your interests helping you to find what you need in the big insurance market, helping you find the best insurance programs with the best rates coverage.

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