Carpenters Insurance Companies

| July 09, 2015

Protection From Carpenters Insurance Companies Delivers Critical Coverage

Just like any other business, carpenters are not safe from lawsuits, losses and any other risks common with businesses this type. To understand what I am saying let us take a look at some of the reasons why securing a policy from reputable carpenters insurance companies offers an important safeguard for your business.

1) Protection from Liability Claims

Every business can face liability claims that might lead to serious lawsuits and carpentry is no exception. You are working with tools and anything can happen. Someone might get injured or lose his/her property as a result of your activity. If you don’t have the money to take care of this, you might face serious problems that might threaten your business. Carpenters insurance companies ensure this doesn’t happen by taking care of the claims.

2) Protect your Employees

Carpenters insurance ensures your business and everything in it is protected from damage, injury or loss as a result of an activity that takes place on the premise. Insurance also protects your employees from any wrong doing like an injury or damage that they may cause to others while in your premise so that you don’t have to suffer the expenditure.

3) Carpenters Insurance Companies Ensure You Earn Even When You Are Not Working

You might get sick or injured. During this time, you might find yourself spending most of the time in hospitals and not working. What will you be eating? How will you be paying your bills? This is where carpenters insurance companies come in handy ensuring you pay your bills as usual despite not working.

4) Covers your Medical Bills

Among the things that can put you out of business completely is sickness or an injury, why? You won’t be earning a regular carpenters paycheck while you will still need some money to pay your bills. You might not afford both your medical bills and other costs to keep the business going. Carpenters insurance companies ensure this does not happen. They pay your medical bills and help you get on your feet and start working again.

Types of Coverage Available from Carpenters Insurance Companies


As a carpenter, you are working with tools. These tools can be stolen or even get damaged. The tool might be expensive and the worst part you might not have the money to replace it. Do you stop working? No. This is where insurance came in handy. Tool insurance will provide the coverage of replacing your tool whether they are damaged or stolen.


The good thing about tools is that they make your work easier. What you must not forget is that they also make injury easier. Accidents can occur, especially when you are in a hurry. Do you have to pay for the medication when this happens? It depends on whether you have the money or not. If you don’t, public liability will completely eliminate the stress of finding the cash to pay your hospital bill. Apart from personal injury, public liability also covers property damage while you are working.


You aren’t a robot. You can get sick or injured and you might not be able to work for some time. Getting the best out of your carpentry might also be seasonal. What does this mean? You might not work for a longer period of time, but you must eat. Income protection ensures that you are able to operate as usual and make expenditures for your basic needs during the time you are not working due to an injury.


You have enough coverage for the first time, but what you mustn’t forget is that things change. Prices fluctuate and most importantly, carpentry is a business and business do grow. Do you think you need the same coverage you had from last year? Yes, if your business is stagnant, but if you are getting profits and expanding, you might need to revise your coverage. To be able to picture exactly what I am saying, let us take a look at some of the benefits of an annual insurance review.

  • Check and change your limits – Your limit might differ from that of the previous year. You might need less or more coverage, you need an annual insurance review to ensure you are not spending more on the insurance or you might miss out on the most important coverage.
  • How accurate is your coverage? As we said earlier, things change and so is the coverage you might need the next year. Annual insurance review ensures that your insurance provides the coverage you require despite the changes.
  • Check for coverage gaps – You might have left some of the most important things uncovered. You might have new things that need the coverage. The review enables you to cover these gaps preventing regret in case there is an accident.

In summary, Working with carpenters insurance companies is good for business. They protect you might from going out of business. They fund your business whenever you are in need of it and the best part is that your business will always be safe from going down.

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