Bricklayers Insurance

| February 03, 2016

Bricklayers Insurance- Why It’s The Best Insurance Coverage For Bricklayers

As a bricklayer, you are exposed to a wide range of risks every day at the job site. You could suffer a serious injury or an illness (which can leave you unable to work), damage or lose someone’s property, or even worse, your work can result in more serious risks such as injuring or causing death to someone.

Bricklayers insurance can help to effectively manage such on job risks faced by bricklayers. And because being uninsured or underinsured comes with a heavy price tag, having bricklayers insurance can help cover all the damages. Read on to find more information about bricklayers insurance and its importance.

The Different Types of Bricklayers Insurance

There are different types of bricklayers insurance meant to protect you and third parties against all risks associated with the bricklaying trade. The most commonly offered coverages include:

Bricklayers Public Liability Insurance

This type of insurance covers any damage or injury you cause to members of the public and their property while on the job. As a bricklayer, it’s important that you consider this type of coverage as it covers all insured costs associated with damage and injury.

Bricklayers Employers Liability Insurance

It’s your obligation to insure all your bricklayers as an employer, whether they are subcontractors, temporary, or permanent.

In case any of your employees gets injured or sick while working, the Employer’s Liability Insurance will cover all the costs, including the legal fees.

Bricklayers Contracts All Risks

Contractors All Risk Insurance covers your tools & equipment and materials against damage, loss, or theft. It’s a stand-alone coverage that bricklayers often buy in addition to their public liability insurance.

This policy is usually tailored to the special needs of the bricklayers and covers:

  • Contract Works
  • Own Plant and Tools
  • Hired-in Plant
  • Employee’s Tools
  • Temporary Buildings
  • Showhome Contents
  • Architects Drawings
  • Property Awaiting Sale

Other types of bricklayers insurance include:

  • Bricklayers Tools Insurance
  • Office Insurance
  • Professional Indemnity Insurance
  • Legal Expenses Insurance
  • Commercial Vehicle/Motor Fleet Insurance
  • Directors and Officers Liability Insurance

Importance of Getting a Yearly Bricklayers Insurance Checkup

Most bricklayers leave their insurance as it is once they purchase it- and it’s the worst decision you can ever make as a bricklayer. An annual insurance checkup is crucial as insurance tends to change over time. An annual checkup can help you make sure that the policies are still providing adequate coverage and protection.

Here is the recommended annual bricklayers insurance review.

  • Request a Current Insurance Schedule from your Provider
  • Review all your Policies- you can schedule meeting with your agent to help you in the reviewing
  • If you are an employer, discuss any changes that have occurred such as additional tools and equipment or employees
  • Ask for Discounts

An annual insurance checkup helps ensure that you are getting the best value for your money.

Importance of using an Insurance Broker

When it comes to shopping for bricklayers insurance, it’s advisable to use the help of a reputable insurance broker.

A good insurance broker can assist you in the selection of the appropriate coverage to protect you and the involved third parties against all the risks associated with the brick laying business. In other words, an insurance broker can help you obtain the best policy to meet all your bricklayers insurance policy needs at the most affordable rates.

Whether you are an employer or an employee, an insurance broker can help you choose bricklayers insurance coverage options that are specially tailored to meet your specific needs.

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