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youth sports insuranceSports liability insurance isn’t a topic that comes up for discussion very often, but for those in the sports industry, it’s an issue that does come up from time to time. Professional sports teams have all kinds of insurance from health insurance for the players to liability insurance for the stadiums. However, any sports team, from the most professional to the most amateur needs to make sure that that youth sports insurance is a topic that gets discussed as the result of not having liability insurance can be an unmitigated disaster of epic proportions.

WM Schwartz is specializes in Youth Sports Insurance and provides policies to companies and individuals that work within the sporting industry as well as those taking part in sporting activities. Because they have many years experience of creating tailor made packages in Youth Sports Insurance, WM Schwartz  should be your first point of contact.

But why do you even need youth sports insurance? The answer to that is to protect you against any losses that you may sustain. Public and liability insurance is necessary for health and fitness clubs, and liability insurance is a definite must for those who are self-employed sports coaches or fitness professionals, such as personal trainers. This would mean, in the event of an injury sustained by someone under your tutelage, you would be protected against any possible claim against you.

Youth Sports Insurance is now available not only for businesses involved in sport and recreation but also for anyone else who partakes in sports, such as clubs, instructors, teams and individuals and staff at WM Schwartz  have the experience and knowledge to be able to guide you in the right direction as to what insurance protection you need and provide you with an appropriate policy.

Youth Sports Insurance covers anyone from teams and instructors to individuals and clubs as well as any business involved in sport and recreation. Insurance is necessary as it will help protect against any potential losses, such as third party personal injury, damage to the property or even any property losses sustained by those using the club or by any member of a team.

Public liability insurance is essential if you own, work in or attend the bigger sporting facilities, such as gymnasiums, sports centers and health and fitness clubs, which is especially popular with workers to visit during their lunch hour. This means that you would be protected from any potential injury, as well as being covered for any damage that may be sustained to the property or any losses to assets that anyone visiting the center or club may discover.

Liability insurance for self-employed workers within the sporting industry will also protect against third party injury and losses. There are even policies available that can help protect an individual or organization against the threat of bankruptcy – an absolute must in these uncertain economic times.

The same goes for any buildings whether bought, hired or rented about undertaking a sport inside. WM Schwartz  provides insurance policies for these too and protects against third party personal injury, any damage to the property and any property losses sustained by those who use the club.

So whether you own or run a big organization, or you are part of a small football team that trains on a Sunday morning with access to the community center, it is imperative that you are protected and protected well. Give WM Schwartz  a call today and get insured straight away with the right Youth Sports Insurance policy for your organization.

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Youth Baseball Insurance – What Coverage You Really Need for Teams

What Youth Baseball Insurance Protection A Sports Team Needs

youth-baseball-insuranceApproximately 30 million youth participate in sports in the U.S with more than half this number getting injured on a regular basis. Baseball is one of the more popular organized sport and ranks fourth on sports laden with injuries. In the likely event that the youth that participate in baseball get injured, there will be legal ramifications because these sports injuries are a liability to the coaches as well as the team management.   That when having the proper youth baseball insurance coverage can protect the team for costly lawsuits.

Therefore sports insurance is necessary to group sports teams such as a youth baseball and the individual in case of injury to all the players, coach or anyone else that may have been involved in a sporting accident.

A team should be protected from a financial risk that may be posed to them through an insurance claim. More often than not these insurance claims result to lawsuits this is why a proper risk management plan is necessary. For example, a sports team is liable in case of a broken or defective equipment that may lead to injury of an individual. Furthermore, if a member of the team does not receive the proper treatment for an injury acquired while playing for the team the player has a right to seek legal action against the team management. These are just some of the instances in which the management may be left dealing with numerous lawsuits. In principle, all teams should have a liability insurance cover that would protect them from lawsuits that can come their way.

Some of the more comprehensive covers recommended are listed below.
Personal Injury cover
This covers injury succumbed to while playing on a team recognized competition or training while under the team’s approval.
Third party liability cover
The insurance cover applies to somebody you have injured whiles competing or training. They receive the appropriate compensation regardless of whether they are from your team or not. That is pretty considerate don’t you think?

Permanent total disability
When a young player is hurt while participating in a match or training and unfortunately the damage is permanent, deeming them unable to carry out activities on their own, then he or she should adequately be compensated.

Our Insurance policies are effective for one year before any rates are adjusted if need be. Therefore, it is important that you review your insurance policy yearly. Reasons, why this is advisable, including the discount rate on offer where you might get a discount on the premium or better yet a reduced amount per premium.If a client wants to make changes to the cover, they have been under it is allowed at the annual review after consultations with the insurer. Customers can also have timely assessments of the premium rates as see whether they will be required to pay more or less the following year when this is not confirmed early enough and the grace period we allow subsided then the insured might face a fine.

A player is arguably at high risk of injury while playing a team sport such as baseball, with frequent training and matches players are ever so vulnerable to injuries; therefore, a liability insurance cover is paramount for the well-being of the young athlete and to put the parent at ease.

Take steps today to make sure the youth baseball insurance policy you have has adequate protection.

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Group Sports Team Insurance – The Essential Guide

Guide to group sports team insurance

group sports team insuranceTeam sports involve competition, teamwork, excitement, fun, fitness, winning and losing. You see various teams playing different sports throughout your community on any given day. Fans, players, and coaches are having a great time. However, sometimes things may go terrible wrong. A foul ball hits a car or a spectator, or a tackled player experiences a concussion.  That’s where having group sports team insurance comes into play.

Group Sports Team Insurance Provides Peace of Mind

In order to be able to always fully enjoy your sport and your team, you need to insure your participants and yourself from injuries and liability. For this specific purpose you can take advantage of a group sports team insurance that has been particularly designed to protect sports teams and youth from all potential risks they face.

Sports team insurance protects every year millions of adults and kids who are involved in playing organized sports. You can find a team insurance suitable to your needs with the help of an independent insurance broker who can help you compare policies for amateur, professional, or youth sports team insurance and customize an policy in order to fit your situation.

The insurance can includes a combination of risk protections that cover clubs, associations, leagues, and teams against the risks of adult and youth sports. You can purchase a custom design policy or a complete package that meets the needs of your particular sport or organization.

Who May Need Group Sport Team Insurance?

Coaches and athletic teams traveling overseas should consider purchasing a sports team insurance policy if they will participate in the following activities:

• Tournaments
• Athletic competitions
• Athletic leagues
• Sports clinics and camps

Types of Group Sports Team Insurance

The most common types of sports team insurance are the following:
• Accident insurance – pays on behalf of the injured sportsperson for medical expenses.
• General liability insurance – pays to any player or spectator for bodily injury due to negligence of the sports authorities.
• Authority’s liability insurance – covers financial losses and other liabilities not covered under general liability insurance. This policy also covers liability claims under the purview of suppression of rights, claims that could arise when a player disputes suspension or termination by the authority. For broader insurance needs, additional policies are also available to sports authorities, including commercial insurance, general property, or workers’ compensation.
• Sports equipment protection plans – covers sports accessories of the entire team or individual players. This particular insurance protection plan an important form of protection in case that you and your team use costly sports accessories. The insurance policy pays in the event of an accident or theft or for the damage or loss of equipment during a sports activity.
• Sports travel insurance plan – domestic or international travel insurance covers any financial losses incurring during a sports trip. This includes ticket cancellation, baggage loss, flight delay, medical expenses or accidental injuries.

Several insurance companies also offer specific sports team insurance for a particular sports category:

• Baseball Team Insurance
• Youth Football Insurance – this is a high risk sports team insurance.

Other options for sports insurance are:

• Equipment damage
• Theft and vandalism
• Excess liability


Regardless on what sport your team plays, soccer, basketball, baseball, football, or another team sport, you would need a good group sports team insurance that covers injuries and liabilities.

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Benefits of Sport Camp Insurance

How Sports Camp Insurance Minimizes Risk

sports camp insuranceYou need sports camp insurance if you are involved in sporting activities. When teams play, there are high chances the players or even the support professionals can be involved in accidents. The accidents can occur in the field leading to loss of body parts or even during interaction with other people in the sporting activities. The sport camp insurance plays a great role in covering for medical expenses among other injuries which can occur. Just like any other type of insurance available in the market, there are different types of coverage available in the market. It is upon you to check on the quote so that you can know to which extent you have been covered. Some of the benefits of the insurance cover include the following:

Sport Insurance Policies cover players against different forms of injury

When playing, your players can end up being involved in accidents where they will break bones and other types of injuries. The cover helps in offsetting medical bills which can accrue due to wearing of braces, treatment of twisted knees, stiches and even serious injuries during sporting activities. Youths and athletes can engage in recreational activities without any fear after you take for them the insurance cover.

Insurance for sports teams protects players as well as other professionals in the team

In a given team, you will have players and the support staff. The support staff includes managers, bat boys, referees, coaches sponsors of the tournament among other people depending on the type of game. The sport camp insurance plays a great role in providing cover to all members involved in the running of the team as well as the players. Even if one of you will be faced with an injury, you will not have to worry if you have an insurance cover. It can even extend to cover equipment. It is a great move if you require expensive equipment in your sporting activity.

Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D)

A player or a staff member of a team can become dismembered or even die if an accident can occur during travel to where the game will be played or even during his or her duty in the sporting activity. The insurance plays a great role in helping the family members of the deceased or dismembered member of the team access compensation. There are different types of loses which can occur to a team member. They can include loss of life, injury to the hands, speech impairment, and loss of foot or any other part of the body. The injury makes it easy for the company to compensate the team amber.

Accident Medical Expense (AME)

If an injury occurs when the player is on duty, the insurance cover will help pay for the medical expenses up to the deductible amount. It is a great move you should make for your team members to always stay secure when playing. Even if your favorite game does not involve a lot of risk, it is good practice to have the insurance cover. It makes your team members avoid unforeseen risks when they are participating in the team activities.

Sport Camp Insurance provides much needed peace of mind.

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